The abstracts should follow the abstract template that you find here.
The deadline to submit an extended abstract for UCPSS 2018 is 12 March 2018.

Please prepare your extended abstract by using the abstract template containing the necessary explanations and styles. You can simply overwrite the text/figures. The Program Committee reserves the right to reject those papers which do not comply or may request an immediate revision by the authors.

The extended abstract should clearly show and state the obtained results. (Abstracts not stating results will be rejected). The length should be minimum 2 - maximum 4 pages, including tables and figures.

The title of the abstract should be brief, specific and accurately, and should objectively describe the study (not generalize beyond the scope of the study). In the title: capital letters should only be used for the first word and for words that are always capitalized. Avoid the use of abbreviations in the title.

No more than 10 authors can be listed with institutional affiliations, cities and countries only. Mailing addresses and academic degrees should not be mentioned in the authors’ list. Please indicate the presenting author during the submission.

Extended abstracts should include the following:
• a clear statement of the scope and purpose of the study
• a brief description of methods and pertinent experimental procedures
• a summary of the major results
• a statement of the main conclusions

All abstracts must be in English and readable in black/white. Colour is allowed only if the grey-scale printout version is clear and readable.