The deadline to submit an extended abstract for UCPSS 2018 is 12 March 2018. The abstracts should follow the abstract template and must be submitted online, through the link at the bottom of this page. Please note that only papers based on the standard template on our website, and only papers submitted using the online submission system, will be considered. Abstracts sent email will not be accepted.

The extended abstract will be reviewed by the Program Committee and will be judged solely on its content, more specifically on originality and novelty, its significance and relevance, as well as on its accuracy and correctness of data interpretation.

The corresponding author will receive an email with the committee’s decision on the abstract by April 26, 2018. Notifications will be sent by e-mail only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: a full paper (4 to 6 pages) will be required for the proceedings. These papers will be published in the UCPSS 2018 proceedings, which will be distributed on site to all registered delegates. Authors with an accepted abstract have to submit their final manuscript (together with a complete copyright transfer form) prior to 22 May 2018 (to the website of the proceedings editor). These final manuscripts are then subject to review and corrections. Detailed instructions will be sent to these authors, together with the notification.

Presenting authors are required to register and fulfill payment for UCPSS by 3 May, 2018.

Guidelines for extended abstract submission 

Please prepare your extended abstract by using the abstract template containing the necessary explanations and styles. You can simply overwrite the text/figures.
The extended abstract should clearly show and state the obtained results. (Abstracts not stating results will be rejected). The length should be minimum 2 - maximum 4 pages, including tables and figures.

The title of the abstract should be brief, specific and accurately, and should objectively describe the study (not generalize beyond the scope of the study). In the title: capital letters should only be used for the first word and for words that are always capitalized. Avoid the use of abbreviations in the title.

No more than 10 authors can be listed with institutional affiliations, cities and countries only. Mailing addresses and academic degrees should not be mentioned in the authors’ list. Please indicate the presenting author during the submission.

Extended abstracts should include the following:
• a clear statement of the scope and purpose of the study
• a brief description of methods and pertinent experimental procedures
• a summary of the major results
• a statement of the main conclusions

All abstracts must be in English and readable in black/white. Colour is allowed only if the grey-scale printout version is clear and readable. The Program Committee reserves the right to reject those papers which do not comply or may request an immediate revision by the authors.

Follow these steps for an easy and correct abstract submission:
• Save the abstract on your PC (hard disk) as a Word file.
• Proceed with the on-line submission by clicking on the link „Start abstract submission“ at the bottom of this page.
• You will have to create a login and password, allowing you to return to this submission page afterwards. Please note that you will only be able to make changes to your submission as long as you have not clicked the 'Complete Submission' button at the end of the procedure.
• Click on ‘Start Submission’. Complete the required personal data of the authors (first name, last name, e-mail and organization) and indicate who will be the presenting author. You can change the presenting author afterwards, if needed.
• Fill in the title of your Contribution
• If you have a contribution specific for photovoltaic applications, tick the appropriate box.
• Indicate whether you want your abstract to be considered for the student paper award (see further for more details).
• Click on ‘Proceed’
• You can save this information and attach a file later, by clicking on ‘Save Submission, Upload File Later’ or upload the file immediately. Please note that submissions without a file will not be considered. We do recommend uploading the file immediately.
• To upload the file: attach the abstract that you prepared following the abstract template. You can do this by browsing to the subdirectory (“choose a file…”) where you saved it on your hard disk.
• When your ext. abstract has been uploaded, click the “Upload File and Complete Submission” button for final submission of the abstract. A screen will appear informing that the abstract has been submitted successfully.
• You can edit or change the file up until the final submission date of March 12, 2018. After the abstract submission deadline of March 12, changes, corrections or rewording are not possible. Careful typing and proof-reading are essential as the ext. abstract will not be edited or corrected by the organiser.

After submission, you will receive an e-mail confirming the submission and informing you of the unique Contribution ID of your abstract. Please make sure to save it for future use: you will need it when contacting the Conference Secretariat with regards to any issue concerning your abstract. Please note that this confirmation of abstract submission is NOT a notice of acceptance. In case the confirmation of submission is not received, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within one week after submitting your abstract, mentioning the contribution ID in the subject of your e-mail.

Please note that submitting an extended abstract for UCPSS 2018 does not constitute registration for the conference. Paper presenters must register to attend UCPSS 2018 by following the instructions for registration on the conference website. Presenting authors are required to register and fulfill payment for UCPSS by 3 May , 2018.

Abstracts submitted for presentation at UCPSS 2018 can be withdrawn until 3 May 2018. After this date, papers selected for oral or poster presentation will be included in the program and should be presented. If the presenting author of a selected paper cannot attend, (s)he should assign a replacement and inform the conference secretariat of the replacement as soon as possible.

Student Papers

The UCPSS encourages participation by students by offering reduced rates for registration. In addition student papers can participate in a student paper contest.

In order to qualify, the students should tick the appropriate box upon the abstract submission and provide written proof of being enrolled to a “full-time” student program: a copy of your student card, including the mention of the school or university and the academic year, a certificate of enrollment, or a letter signed by your supervisor, stating that you are a full-time student.
This proof of student status needs to be provided by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to 2 May 2018.
Student contributions will be evaluated by the international program committee based on the abstract, the manuscript and the oral presentation or poster presentation. Two “outstanding student papers” and one “best student paper” will be selected. The student should be the main author and should also present the paper or poster.

The award will be announced at the end of the conference on 5 September 2018.


When you have prepared your extended abstract as described above, click below to start the on-line abstract submission procedure. When finished with the on-line submission, it is imperative to click the “submit” button for final submission of the abstract.