Programme committee members

Dr. Paul Mertens
Dr. Takeshi Hattori
Dr. Geunmin Choi
Prof. Jerzy Ruzyllo
Prof. Ara Philipossian
Dr. Mauro Alessandri
Prof. Anthony Muscat
Kuntack Lee

Photo voltaic section of the PC

Dr. Jef Poortmans (imec)
Dr. Jochen Rentch (ISE)

Imec organisers

Paul Mertens
Marc Meuris
Marc Heyns

Local organising committee

Kurt Wostyn
Antoine Pacco
Rita Vos
Guy Vereecke
Marc Heyns
Marc Meuris


With deep sadness the UCPSS program committee informs you about the loss of one its early members, Prof. Tadahiro Ohmi.
We remember prof. Ohmi as a strong personality, but mostly because of his visionary insight that has led to the start of ultra clean processing awareness and R&D worldwide.
Participants of the early editions of UCPSS will remember the lively interventions of Prof Ohmi.

Biography: Tadahiro Ohmi, 1939 – 2016

He was born in Tokyo in 1939.
He obtained his BS, MS, and his PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Tokyo institute of technology in 1961, 1963, and 1966, respectively.
After served as Research Associate there, he moved to Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. He was appointed Professor of the department of Electrical Engineering, Tohoku University in 1985、He then became Professor of The University’s New Industry Hatchery Center in 2002. He was Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University as well as an IEEE fellow.
His interest of research was not only semiconductor devices and processes but also a wide variety of contamination control technologies for fabricating ideal devices without any contaminants. As the guru (great leader) of Ultra Clean Technology, he established the Ultra Clean Society in 1988 for promoting ultra clean technology globally, and also founded the International Symposium of Semiconductor Manufacturing (ISSM) in 1992.
Scientific manufacturing without any variability is his ultimate research target.
He served as program Committee member of the UCPSS between 1992 and 2006.
He passed away in Sendai on 21 February 2016.